A comprehensive view of all the assets you own within the platform. It's your personal dashboard, a snapshot of your financial interactions and holdings on the platform.

All Your Assets in One Place

See a holistic view of your investments, including Real Estate Tokens, Allocation Tokens, NFTs and your contributions to liquidity pools.

Your Property's Breakdown

By clicking on a specific property, delve deeper into the composition of your holdings associated with it. This breakdown facilitates a granular understanding of how your investments are distributed and their current status.

Convert Allocation Tokens

Once the allocation period concludes and the token is introduced to the market, you can seamlessly convert your Allocation Tokens into Real Estate Tokens. This conversion is not only free but also crucial for activating your allocations.

Unlock the full potential of your tokens

Once converted, you can trade your tokens or add them to liquidity pools, leveraging their full potential within the platform. Dive into features available to maximize your returns and solidify your role in the platform's ecosystem.

Keep an eye on your Allocation Tokens. Converting them to Real Estate Tokens not only makes them tradable but also amplifies their utility within the platform.

Regularly review your portfolio to keep updated on your holdings and make well-based decisions about your next investment moves.

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