Allocation Token:

This is the default allocation token that the user receives when they purchase a Ryze's real estate token. It has no vesting period and can be converted 1:1 into a 'Real Estate Token' once the real estate token becomes available on the market.

Allocation Reward Token:

This token operates similarly to the 'Allocation Token,' but it is earned in exchange for referrals. It has a linear vesting period of 6 months, which means it can also be converted 1:1 into 'Real Estate Tokens,' but they are released over this time period. For example: after 1 month the user can convert 1/6 of their total, and after 3 months they can convert half.

Real Estate Token:

This is effectively the property token provided in ERC20 format, which is supported by decentralized exchanges, allowing it to be used to provide liquidity or convert into other tokens.

Ryze's Token Types and Market Trading:

The Allocation Token and Allocation Reward Token are tokens in the ERC-1155 format (NFT, non-fungible token), in which investors can list them on NFT marketplaces to sell them to other investors, such as OpenSea. On the other hand, Real Estate Token starts as ERC-1155 but - through a smart contract - are automatically converted into ERC-20 format (fungible token), allowing them to be freely traded with other cryptocurrencies. This facilitates the trading and liquidity of these tokens in the market.

Blockchain Security Defined:

Blockchain is inherently secure due to its powerful encryption and decentralized structure. Each data block is encrypted, linked to the previous one, and confirmed by multiple nodes, making it nearly impossible to tamper with or alter transaction records. This robust security is a fundamental strength of blockchain technology. Source: https://www.fool.com/terms/b/blockchain-security/

Blockchain Confirmation:

A transaction confirmation in blockchain occurs when a new transaction is added to the blockchain, creating a new block of data. This process involves several key steps:

  1. Verification: Transactions are validated by multiple nodes in the network.

  2. Consensus: A consensus is reached among these nodes to confirm the transaction's legitimacy.

  3. Minting: A new block, containing the confirmed transaction, is added to the blockchain.

  4. Encryption: The link to the previous block is encrypted to ensure its immutability, making it resistant to tampering.

This secure and consensus-based process ensures the integrity of blockchain transactions. Source: https://www.ledger.com/academy/how-does-a-blockchain-transaction-work

Ryze's Crowdfunding Timing:

When a property is ready for investment, we initiate a crowdfunding campaign. This campaign typically runs for 60 days from the launch date, during this period investors can participate by purchasing Real Estate Tokens associated with the property. In the event that the crowdfunding campaign does not reach its goal within the stipulated time, we may opt to renew the property contract, providing investors with more time to secure the necessary funding. Alternatively, we offer a full refund of their invested amount.

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