Secure your Real Estate Tokens before the market launch at a discounted rate.

Token allocation is at the heart of the Real Estate Token creation process. Similar to how crowdfunders get early access to products, Ryze's users are at the forefront of property investments.

How it Works

In the realm of digital real estate, you'll pledge your stablecoins or ETH in return for a unique placeholder: an NFT. But this isn't just any NFT. Once the allocation is fully funded and the property is acquired, this NFT is seamlessly and freely converted into a Real Estate Token at a 1:1 rate. This mechanism ensures that every token has a tangible asset backing it, forging a bridge between the digital and physical real estate worlds.

Why Allocate Early

The advantage of early allocation isn't merely about securing a position, it's also about value. By participating in the initial allocation phase, you can acquire tokens at a rate of $1 each. Contrast this with the token's launch price of $1.05 on the open market, and the savings become evident.

💡 Getting expert with Allocations

  1. Review Available Properties: Start by browsing the upcoming properties listed for tokenization.

  2. Pledge your Amount: Define the amount you intend to allocate and choose between stablecoins or ETH for the transaction.

  3. Receive the NFT: Upon successful allocation, an NFT will be transferred to your wallet, serving as a placeholder. Now you only have to wait until the allocation is fully funded and the property is acquired, then you'll be notified. Click here to know more about timings.

  4. Transform your NFT into Real Estate Token: It's easy and fast! Go to the Portfolio page and convert your Allocation NFT for the Real Estate Token, and it's all set: You own a real estate token.

To maintain a secure and compliant platform environment, access to this feature mandates that an identity verification process was successfully completed.

This protocol not only ensures the safety and integrity of transactions but also helps in building a trustworthy community of users. The verification process is straightforward and is designed to protect both individual users and the platform at large.

Your personal details and ID information will be kept confidential, following strict data protection standards. If you haven't already, we recommend completing the ID verification process to take full advantage of all our platform's features.

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