Maximize your earnings through referrals.

Discover a rewarding way to maximize your earnings on Ryze by introducing new users to the world of real estate tokens. Our referral program provides you an opportunity to earn passively every time a user you refer makes an allocation. Here's how it works:

Once registered and KYC-verified, you'll be provided with a unique referral link embedded with your address. This URL is your gateway to earnings from every user you invite into Ryze.

You can get your link directly from our platform OR replace {{your_address}} with your wallet address in the following URL: https://ryze.land?ref={{your_address}} The result will be something like: https://ryze.land?ref=0x5afe000000000000000000000000000000001234

Bring in new users

Promote your unique referral link across your network, be it friends, colleagues or social media followers. Keep in mind:

  • For a successful referral, the user should be new to Ryze without any prior account.

  • When someone accesses Ryze via your shared link, the referral connection is saved in their browser. This ensures that even if they register at a later time using the same browser, they remain attributed to your referral;

  • Upon registration through your referral, newcomers are gifted 10 free allocation tokens ($10) for their first allocation.

Earn Continuous Rewards

Once a user registers with your referral link, this association is permanent, and you stand to gain 1% from every purchase made by a user you've successfully referred.

This is a lifetime benefit. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Referral earnings have a 6-month linear vesting period.

  • Vesting kicks off when the token is released to the market, after the allocation period.

Important Note on Eligibility

  • You must be a registered user on Ryze.

  • Completion of the KYC process is mandatory.

  • Remember, if a user clears their browser cookies, switches browsers, or uses a different device without accessing the platform through your referral link again, you may lose out on potential rewards. Ensure they understand the importance of using the right browser and device when signing up.

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